Can I Transfer From UFS To UJ?

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Can I Transfer From UFS To UJ?

Can I Transfer From UFS To UJ? Ufs transfer application

Transferring from the University of the Free State to the University of Johannesburg is possible, but it will rely on a number of different criteria. To find out if transfer students are accepted at the University of Johannesburg and, if so, what prerequisites there are, you should first contact the admissions office. Also, you should find out if the exact program to which you want to transfer is offered and whether it has any additional criteria.

You must fulfill the transfer requirements of the University of the Free State in addition to those of the University of Johannesburg. These specifications could include keeping up a specific GPA and finishing a specific number of credits. You can start the application process once you’ve verified that you meet the requirements for both universities.

This usually entails completing an application form, submitting your present university’s transcripts, and potentially writing an essay or supplying additional supporting documentation. Overall, transferring across institutions can be a difficult process, so it’s critical to conduct your study and closely adhere to both universities’ guidelines to make sure the transfer goes well. Ufs transfer application

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The University of the Free State, UFS Admission Requirements 2024

For degree studies at the University of the Free State, you are expected to:

  • you have an NSC or NCV with an endorsement that allows entrance to degree studies (Bachelor’s degree) or an equivalent
  • you meet all the minimum admission requirements for the program you intend to study.
  • you have a minimum level of 4 (50%) in English Home Language or English First Additional Language
  • you must pass certain school subjects with a minimum level of achievement in order to take a certain university module
  • you must get a mark of 70% for Mathematics in Grade 12 if you plan to study BSc majoring in Physics with Engineering subjects.

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The University of Johannesburg Minimum Entry Requirements

Minimum APS Score: 27 in Mathematics and 28 in Mathematical Literacy. Life Orientation is excluded when calculating the APS score. The 6 highest subjects are used for calculating APS scores:

  • English (compulsory): 5
  • Mathematics: 3
  • Mathematical Literacy: 4
  • Life Sciences (Compulsory): 4
  • Additional subject 2: 4
  • Additional subject 3: 3

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The University of Johannesburg APS Calculator

ClickHEREto make use of the PACE APS calculator.

Step 1– Create an account
Step 2– Login
Step 3 – Enter the subjects

The calculator will then display which qualifications you are eligible to apply for at UJ.

How to obtain credits for modules obtained at other universities

This is actually a difficult and drawn-out process that is not automatic.
You cannot receive credit or recognition from the UFS for a module that you successfully completed at another university.
They should first determine the actual course material (syllabus) of such modules as well as the credit level and academic standard.
The UFS department head in charge of each particular module’s instruction does this evaluation.
The precise course material (syllabus) should be available for these individuals to review in order to determine whether they might be granted credit or recognition for the module completed at another university.
You should request a printed copy of this material from your prior college, and you should submit it with your UFS application.

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