Does UFS Count Lo In APS?

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Does UFS Count Lo In APS?

Does UFS Count Lo In APS? Ufs Aps table

No, Life Orientation (LO) is not taken into account by the University of the Free State (UFS) when determining the Entrance Point Score (APS). Universities in South Africa evaluate applicants’ academic standing and decide whether they are eligible for admission using a point system called the APS. The applicant’s final Grade 12 results, which cover six disciplines, are used to determine the APS.

Nonetheless, in order to be taken into consideration for admission, UFS does require applicants to have passed Life Orientation at a minimum of level 4 (50-59%). Although if the grades earned in Life Orientation are not taken into account while calculating the APS, passing it is nevertheless necessary to be admitted to UFS. It’s crucial to remember that admission criteria may differ amongst UFS faculties and programs, so it’s always a good idea to verify with the relevant faculty or department for precise admission criteria.

Ufs Aps table

Admission requirements:

General minimum admission requirements:
• A National Senior Certificate (NSC) or National Certificate: Vocational (NCV) Level 4, or an AP of 18 – 24 for admission to a bachelor’s Degree.
• Four subjects on level 3 (40%–49%).
• Language of instruction on level 3 (40%) for all options.

aps score for teaching at ufs 2024

Faculty-specific admission requirements:
Economic and Management Sciences:
• Commerce route study option: Mathematics on level 3 (40%) or higher.
• Administration route study option: Mathematics is not a requirement to study this option. The duration of the course is four years.
• NB: You will not be allowed to change from an Administration to a Commerce program.

aps score for teaching at ufs 2024

Calculation of your admission point(AP) Score:

You should carefully research the program’s admission requirements if you’re interested in applying.
Your AP grade is determined by the UFS using the NSC accomplishment scale.
Seven levels make up the AP score, which is used.
Six academic disciplines will each receive points (notice that no points will be given for achievement levels below 30%).
While computing your AP score for admission, Life Orientation from achievement Level 5 (60%) or higher is worth one point.

Use the following to calculate the AP score of your final matric results:

NSC8 (90–100%)7 (80–89%)6 (70–79%)5 (60–69%)4 (50–59%)3 (40–49%)2 (30–39%)1 (-29%)
UFS8 (90–100%)7 (80–89%)6 (70–79%)5 (60–69%)4 (50–59%)3 (40–49%)2 (30–39%)

To calculate your AP, you can use the following example:

  • For five (5) academic subjects, you must obtain a level 5 (60%)
  • For one (1) further academic subject, you must obtain a level 4 (50%)
  • For Life Orientation, a level of 5 (60%) or higher to score 1 point

For more information, visit the official website of the University of the free state.