How Are Marks Calculated In UFS?

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How Are Marks Calculated In UFS?

How Are Marks Calculated In UFS? Ufs reassessment rules

The academic achievement of students is assessed by the University of the Free State (UFS) using a numerical marking system. The minimal passing score for the majority of courses is 50 under this numerical scoring system, which runs from 0 to 100. Each course’s grades are often derived from a variety of assessments, including homework, quizzes, examinations, and participation in class.

Each evaluation may be given a different weighting based on the course and the instructor. Students’ grades are totaled and averaged at the conclusion of each semester or academic year to establish their overall academic performance. To determine a student’s grade point average, the final mark for each course is often weighted based on the course’s credit worth (GPA).

It’s important to note that grading practices can differ based on the program or division within UFS. In order to learn more about how grades are determined and how academic performance is assessed, students should consult the program handbook or speak with their professors or academic advisors. How Are Marks Calculated In UFS?

Ufs reassessment rules


Exams will account for 30% of a learner’s grade for the year.
Quizzes that were not submitted on time or that were submitted beyond the due date will earn students 0%.
70% of the overall grade will be based on the exam.

How to calculate the minimum mark to pass a module

Say for example you obtain 28 out of 50 for your quiz.

STEP 1:Re-calculate to a mark out of 30 (because 30% of the quiz mark counts for the final mark)

28 x 30 ÷ 50 = 17 out of 30

The final mark to pass is 50 out of 100.

Step 2:Re-calculate your examination mark to a mark out of 70 (because 70% of the examination mark counts for the final mark)

50 (pass mark) – 17 (quiz mark) = 33 out of 70.

Step 3:Calculate the final exam mark out of 100:

33 x 100 ÷ 70 =47 out of 100

Therefore a learner with a quiz mark of28 (out of 50)will need at least47 out of 100for the examination paper to pass the module.

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