Stellenbosch University Application Form 2024-2025 PDF

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Stellenbosch University Application Form 2024-2025 PDF

Stellenbosch University Application Form 2024-2025 PDF; Stellenbosch university application portal

Stellenbosch University Application Form

Only an application, please. Even if your application is correctly completed, you may not be admitted to a study program at Stellenbosch University. This document will be a part of your agreement with the University if you are admitted to a study program, thus it’s critical that you be aware of all your obligations. Your agreement with the University is legally binding once you’ve signed and sent the form.

Although the University has written this form in simple English, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them. For assistance, call the customer support line at 021 808 9111. Stellenbosch university application portal

stellenbosch university application form pdf


Please read through the instructions carefully before filling in the application form:

1: You can use the electronic version of the application form in one of two ways:

  • Fill out the online application form as completely as you can. Write only one letter or punctuation mark in each vertical box wherever the spaces have been separated into them, and always begin writing in the first vertical box. Print the form and fill in the blanks as appropriate. Please make sure to sign all applicable sections of this form before sending it back; OR
  • Print the form from the internet and hand-fill it out completely. Please take note: To make the procedure simpler, it is advised that you first choose the appropriate option in each option list on the electronic form before printing out the form to complete by hand.

2: The University disclaims all liability for any delays caused by incomplete or inaccurate information provided in applications, as well as delays resulting from incomplete or incorrect information provided in applications.

stellenbosch university application form pdf

3: The completed application form must be submitted with an R 300 (three hundred South African rand) application fee. This payment is not refundable.

4. Closing dates:

  • Applications for RESIDENCE ACCOMMODATION and ADMISSION AS A STUDENT are processed rather quickly if they are submitted on or by June 30 of the prior year. Students applying for admission to one or more PROGRAMS WHERE THEY ARE SUBJECT TO SELECTION in particular will benefit from this increase in time. Occupational therapy, speech, language, and hearing, fine arts, value and policy studies, BChD, BCur, BEng, BPsych, BEdPsych, dietetics, physiotherapy, university diploma in oral health, and MBChB are among the selected programs. Finalizing the candidates for these programs only happens quite recently.
  • A late application will still be taken into consideration if it is submitted after 30 June but on or before 31 October of the previous academic year and includes all necessary supporting documentation, including the confidential school report or final statement of symbols, the academic record, and the certificate of conduct. Following October 31st, only the most extraordinary and meritorious cases are granted application forms. Each of these late applications must also include R400 (to cover the R300 regular application fee and the R100 late application fee) in addition to the above requirements.

stellenbosch university application form pdf

7: A comprehensive and properly submitted application will always be taken into account, and the applicant will be informed of the result. Nonetheless, on occasion, the university could feel the need to speak with the applicant in order to get more details. Therefore, neither the applicant’s acceptance as a student nor their ability to register as a student is implied by the submission of a completed application form to the office. When applicants are informed they have been (provisionally) admitted for a certain year, they must register that February.
While registering, individuals will need to provide documentation proving I: they are eligible for admission to the university and (ii) their intended programs of study.

8: No applicant may register for more than one program or submit more than one application form.

9: Only applications submitted in writing to the Registrar for permission to make any further changes to a proposed program of study will be taken into consideration.

10: No faxes or copies of the application form will be processed; only an Internet printout or the original will be.

11: A copy of the applicant’s ID document or residential or study permit is required if they are not South African citizens or have dual citizenship.

stellenbosch university application form pdf

Stellenbosch University Application Form 2024-2025 PDF

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