UFS Courses And Requirements 2024-2025

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UFS Courses And Requirements 2024-2025

UFS Courses And Requirements 2024-2025; apply.ufs.ac.za 2024

The University of the Free State, a public research university in South Africa, provides a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in numerous subject areas. Depending on the faculty, different courses and requirements may apply. Certain undergraduate programs, particularly the selection courses, may have additional and/or differing admission requirements within the faculties. Make sure you are familiar with the program’s requirements before applying.

Remember that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to UFS. The university’s admission process is challenging because there are far more candidates than available spots.
The requirements for admission to UFS can vary depending on the program you’re interested in. UFS Courses And Requirements 2024-2025

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Pay attention to the following important information:

  • Entrance to all programs will be based on a combination of a targeted selection of outstanding university applicants and merit selection above the minimum requirement.
  • Only first-year undergraduate studies will be subject to the admissions standards in 2024.
  • Check the faculty rulebook for the program you are interested in for information on all mandatory and elective modules (where applicable), which is accessible at www.ufs.ac.za/templates/rulebooks.
  • Consult the following for admission requirements if you are a senior student:
  • Department head, lecturer, and faculty handbooks.
  • It is possible for any admission requirements to alter without prior notice.
  • Unless otherwise specified, English Home Language or English First Additional Language requires a Level 4 (50%) or above.
  • For selecting courses, please refer to the Important Closing Dates. All other non-selection program applications are due by September 30, 2023.

apply.ufs.ac.za 2024

Admission requirements:

General minimum admission requirements:
• A National Senior Certificate (NSC) or National Certificate: Vocational (NCV) Level 4, or an AP of 18 – 24 for admission to a bachelor’s Degree.
• Four subjects on level 3 (40%–49%).
• Language of instruction on level 3 (40%) for all options.

Faculty-specific admission requirements:
Economic and Management Sciences:
• Commerce route study option: Mathematics on level 3 (40%) or higher.
• Administration route study option: Mathematics is not a requirement to study this option. The duration of the course is four years.
• NB: You will not be allowed to change from an Administration to a Commerce program.

Program DescriptionMinimum Admission Requirements
ProgramAcademic Programme CodeAcademic Plan CodeAPLanguage of instructionMathematics
Higher Certificate in Economic and Management Sciences (Commerce route study option)L6100LC610000183 (40%)3 (40%)
Higher Certificate in Economic and Management Sciences (Administration route study option)L6100LC614000183 (40%)
Higher Certificate in Humanities: Communication and PsychologyL1100LC111001183 (40%)
Higher Certificate in Humanities: Communication and SociologyL1100LC111002183 (40%)
Higher Certificate in Humanities: Psychology and SociologyL1100LC111003183 (40%)
Higher Certificate in Humanities: Communication and AnthropologyL1100LC111004183 (40%)
Higher Certificate in Humanities: Political Sciences and PsychologyL1100LC111005183 (40%)
Higher Certificate in Humanities: Political Sciences and SociologyL1100LC111006183 (40%)

Use the following to calculate the AP score of your final matric results:

NSC8 (90–100%)7 (80–89%)6 (70–79%)5 (60–69%)4 (50–59%)3 (40–49%)2 (30–39%)1 (-29%)
UFS8 (90–100%)7 (80–89%)6 (70–79%)5 (60–69%)4 (50–59%)3 (40–49%)2 (30–39%)


Prospective students who apply for admission in 2024 but do not meet the requirements for admission to the mainstream program with their final NSC scores may be placed in the Extended Curriculum Program (ECP).

Placement is contingent on space and is not guaranteed.
Your chances of being admitted to study at the UFS are stronger the better your test results.

The ECP is made to give students the skills they need to succeed in their studies even if they don’t achieve the minimal entry standards.
Together with ordinary academic work, academic support, and skill development are combined.

In general, prospective students should speak with the pertinent faculty or program to learn more about the specific admission standards and application processes.