UKZN Postgraduate Online Registration

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UKZN Postgraduate Online Registration

Is UKZN open for Registration,UKZN Postgraduate Online Registration

Once you have successfully applied to UKZN through CAO, you have to register as a student, The online/self-help mechanism is used for registration. Both on-campus and off-campus users can access the system. Check the information sheet for your allotted registration time if you decide to register on campus during the main registration period or if you require academic support or counselling. Please take note that the schedule will be rigorously followed according to the designated times. For more precise information, go to the respective college’s landing page at or read more below;

UKZN Postgraduate Online Registration Date

  • 10 JAN
    Remote online (Self Help) registration commences for Doctoral and Masters by Full Research by Full Research
    Remote online registration opens for returning students
  • 13 JAN
    School Higher Degree Committees to consider re-registration appeals from PG students, for recommendation to CAAB
  • 18 JAN
    Deadline for the submission of exclusion appeals from UG/Hons and PG Dip students
  • 04 FEB
    Parents Day
  • 06, 11 FEB
    Orientation and dedicated remote online registration of First time entering new (FTEN) students
  • MON, 06, 10 FEB
    Curriculum Advice for FTEN students Monday to Friday
  • 09 FEB
    For Higher degree students: Final date for submission of bound examination copies with respect to any intention to submit received in semester 2:2022, without having to register for semester 1 of 2023.
  • 10 JAN – 27 JAN
    Curriculum Advice – At-Risk Students (RSK1 and FPRR) + Readmitted Students (RAPBs)
    -RSK1 and RSK2 – full credit load of 64 credits
    -FPRR + – 48 reduced credit load
    -Green students – have dedicated Zoom support slots ( January – 24 February)
  • 13 FEB
    Lectures commence
  • 24 FEB
    The Final date for submitting curriculum changes. Final date for requests for extended DPs for those modules that had DPs in 2023. Final date for minimum fee payment required for registration. Final date for first-semester academic registration

UKZN PGCE Online Application 2024

UKZN Postgraduate Prior To Registering

  • Settle outstanding fees. All outstanding fees must be paid.
  • Ask for a waiver of the staff cost. Before registering, submit an application for fee relief if you are a UKZN employee. Utilize to submit an online Staff Fee Remission application. (Contact Mrs Zonke Sithole for assistance at 031260 8030 or For regular updates on your fee remission status, check your UKZN email address. Once your application has been accepted, you must acquire financial clearance by calling Student Fees at 031 260 4259 or emailing After that, you can signup.
  • Obtain financial clearance. Before registering, all students must have their finances in order. Students who do not have financial clearance will not be able to finish the enrollment process until they do. The University is going through this process to make sure you can probably afford your tuition. If your application for fee relief was approved, you are excluded from the process and can go straight to registration.
  • International students are required to provide the University International Office with additional documents, as listed here.
  • Funded students must submit their sponsorship letter to the Student Funding office and obtain financial clearance.
  • Self-funded students must collect a pro-forma invoice, pay all fees and obtain financial clearance
  • Pay the prescribed registration fee.

UKZN Online Registration 2024

UKZN Postgraduate Online Registration

Register online using the UKZN Self-Help registration system which is accessible off-campus or via the UKZN LAN. Full instructions are provided on that site.

UKZN Postgraduate After Registering

Following your application for registration, a number of processes will take place which do not require you to do anything. Once your registration has been approved, you will be informed that you are now registered.

UKZN Second Semester Application 2024-2025

UKZN Postgraduate Online Registration Guidelines

  • Students with no registration holds can complete their registration online, on and off campus as soon as the registration system opens. (listed here)
  • Students with no registration hold (i.e. RISK, document hold, etc.), but have outstanding fees, can provisionally capture their module choices online, and will be automatically registered
  • once they receive the necessary financial clearance.
  • Students with registration holds should first receive academic and curriculum counselling, before capturing their module choices online, once the necessary financial clearance is granted the registration will be processed.

UKZN Contact

DBN: +27 31 260 1111
PMB: +27 33 260 5111

or Call +27 31 260 8596
and follow the voice prompts