UKZN Residence Online Application

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UKZN Residence Online Application

How to apply for residence at UKZN,UKZN Residence Online Application

UKZN Residence Online Application, In order to support the living and learning environments, UKZN provides housing to students in university-owned homes located on campus and off campus, including in leased structures. The residences serve a crucial role in promoting academic and residence life in a multicultural, diverse community in addition to providing a basic bed and shelter for social and physical surroundings. to have a place to rest, students must apply for residence. steps involved are mentioned below;

UKZN Residence Online Application Date

The closing date for online submission of residence applications by undergraduate returning applicants for each year is the end of September.

UKZN Residence Online Application

  • First-year applicants must apply for UKZN accommodation on the CAO application form. No separate application is required.
  • International students, new Postgraduate students and students transferring from other Institutions must apply for accommodation on the UKZN online Academic Application.
  • Residence admission is based on need, academic potential, ability to pay and distance from home.
  • Competition for places is high and not all applicants can be accommodated. Successful applicants are placed where spaces are available. Other applicants will have to find accommodation off campus and should use the Private Accommodation database provided on this website.
  • All students will be required to sign acceptance of the Residence House Rules on admittance to a residence.

UKZN Student Central Online Application

UKZN Residence Fees

Regular Room

  • 1st SEMESTER; R15 540.00
  • 2nd SEMESTER; R 15 225.00
  • Cost Per Day; R105.00
  • Total Cost; R30 765.00

Large Room

  • 1st SEMESTER; R16 675.00
  • 2nd SEMESTER; R17 020.00
  • Cost Per Day; R115.00
  • Total Cost; R33 695.00

UKZN Residence Centers

Below is a list of off-campus Leased Residences

  • Holzner Gardens
  • Chulepts
  • Marianwood Residence
  • Kingswood Residence
  • Cambridge Residence
  • Nagina Residence
  • Pixleywood Residence
  • Hollywood Court
  • Founders Place
  • Berea One 55
  • City Residence
  • Legacywood Residence
  • Wills Court
  • Amit Residence
  • Willowvale Residence
  • Heavenswood
  • Seaboard
  • Pandays Lodge
  • Steve Biko/ Pear Heights
  • Trio House
  • AKA Greenacres Residence
  • Millarosa
  • Crystal Valley
  • Farah Gardens
  • Delrene Residence
  • Montrose Residence
  • Seaside Residence
  • Saints Residence
  • Soni Residence
  • Gapwood Residence
  • Urban Up Residence
  • Azania
  • Saphire Heights
  • Students in Dube/Wanstead
  • Campbel Residence
  • The Ridge

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