University Of Kwazulu Natal Bridging Course

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University Of Kwazulu Natal Bridging Course

Does UKZN offer bridging courses, University Of Kwazulu Natal Bridging Course

Bridging courses are brief, concentrated learning programs made to help high school students enter higher education institutions. They are available at the University of Kwazulu Natal, from nursing to maritime studies, and are recommended for students who do not have the necessary knowledge in their field of study. They last between six months and a year and are regarded as introductory-level classes. Additionally, these programs are designed to get students ready for the intensity and requirements of higher education.

The Benefit of The University Of Kwazulu Natal Bridging Course

  • Take an active part in searching for knowledge that will assist him or her to develop theoretical and practical skills in the care of the patient and his/her family as unique physical, psychological, religious and spiritual beings.
  • Develop an appreciation of group dynamics by being able to actively participate in small group discussions and in-class presentations.
  • Develop and utilise good communication skills when interacting with patients, families, colleagues and the multidisciplinary health team for effective care of the patient.
  • Apply the scientific nursing approach (Nursing Process) to the following categories for people and groups at all stages of life: operating, surgical, and medical rooms. Paediatrics, the outpatient clinic, and emergency services.
  • Work with a learning group and a nursing team in a hospital unit to demonstrate your ability to create partnerships.
  • Apply primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention concepts to the management of health issues at all stages of life and in all contexts.
  • Under the direction of a registered nurse, perform all nursing tasks that fall within the SANC regulation R2598 registered nurse’s area of practice.
  • Apply principles of responsibility and accountability for own nursing actions and omissions according to the Nursing Act 50 of 1978 as amended.
  • Show that you are aware of the nursing research process and the moral considerations that encompass using human subjects in research.
  • By keeping her/his own professional registration with SANC up to date, debating why nursing is regarded as a profession, discussing criteria for a profession, and discussing the role of professional organizations, one can develop an understanding of nursing as a profession.
  • Plan, organize, lead, and control a nursing unit using unit management techniques.
  • By being able to evaluate community needs, identify community health issues, and provide a suggested course of action for a specific community, one can apply the principle of primary health care (PHC) when dealing with underserved communities.

University Of Kwazulu Natal Health Sciences Faculty

University Of Kwazulu Natal Bridging Course Entrance Requirements

  • Matric or Senior Certificate or Equivalent
  • Enrolled Nursing Certificate
  • Proof of current enrolment as a nurse
  • Two years of experience as an Enrolled Nurse
  • Permanently employed and practising in a SANC approved Hospital

The University Of Kwazulu Natal Bridging Course Duration

The course is two years part-time. Classes are held once a month on a Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm. There is a two-week block every six months (Monday to Friday 8 am- 4 pm)

University Of Kwazulu Natal Bridging Curriculum/course content

It comprises integrated General Nursing Science, Social Science & Ethos and Professional Practice.

General Nursing I

  • Medical & Surgical Nursing
  • Applied Social Science I i.e. Psychology and Sociology
  • Applied Ethos and Professional Practice

Applied Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Chemistry and Pharmacology.

General nursing Sciences II

  • Medical & Surgical Nursing
  • Disaster Nursing
  • Ethos & professional practice
  • Unit Management
  • Applied Social Science II
  • Applied Research

The University Of Kwazulu Natal Bridging Course Accreditation

Credits – 128

Assessment criteria

Continuous assessments, theory and practical case studies and tests

The University Of Kwazulu Natal Bridging Course Examination – First Year

  • Practical – OSCE (objective, structured clinical evaluation)
  • Theory – SANC Integrated General Nursing (Paper 1& 2)

Second Year

  • Practical – Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation
  • Theory – SANC Integrated General Nursing (Paper 1 & 2)

The University Of Kwazulu Natal Bridging Course SANC registration process/Certification

Diploma from the South African Nursing Council

A certificate is NOT given out immediately by the university. If you want a diploma for this course but do not intend to continue your education, you must submit a written request to us.

University Of Kwazulu Natal Faculty of Health Sciences

The University Of Kwazulu Natal Bridging Course Contact Details

Programme Co-ordinator

Waheedha Emmamally

Tel: (031) 260-1437
Fax: (031) 260-2855

Liaison Officer

Anusha Singh

Tel: (031) 260-3122
Fax: (031) 260-2855

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