University of Kwazulu Natal Distance Learning

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University of Kwazulu Natal Distance Learning

Does UKZN offer online learning, University of Kwazulu Natal Distance Learning

A prestigious South African university with a broad selection of academic programs, including distance learning degrees, is the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). For students who are unable to attend classes on campus, UKZN’s distance learning programs are intended to offer flexible, convenient, and affordable access to high-quality education. Moodle is the LMS employed at UKZN (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment). The URL for Moodle is Your LAN username and password will be used to log in, and your lecturers will have the enrollment keys for the different modules you are taking. The Centre for Extended Learning, which is in charge of giving students learning resources, academic support, and assessments, offers online learning degrees from UKZN. The courses are intended to be taken independently and are mainly delivered online using a variety of learning technologies. With respect to balancing their personal and professional obligations, students have a fantastic chance to advance their education and careers through UKZN’s distance learning programs. Please read on below;

How does UKZN Distance Learning Moodle work

Moodle is where your lecturer will:

  • Post all course materials for your module
  • Conduct online discussions and other activities
  • Receive your module assignments

UKZN PMB Courses

UKZN Distance Program What Your Lecturer will Expect From You

  • Familiarise yourself with the tools you need to participate
  • Read all course materials posted on Moodle
  • Participate in activities created on Moodle
  • Use Moodle to submit your assignments (unless otherwise instructed)

Both the UKZN Moodle website and YouTube are full of video lessons that can be used to get a better understanding of this specific CMS format.

UKZN Distance Learning Courses

Online Courses

  • Free Digital Courses from Google
  • Fitness Video: Yoga for Beginners – Part 2
  • Fitness Video: Yoga for Beginners – Part 1
  • Fitness Video: Mat/Resistance Bands/Weights
  • Fitness Video: Joint Mobility Movements
  • IBM Digital Skills Training
  • Visionary Leadership – Why Innovation is a Necessity
  • Visionary Leadership – The Role of Cultural Intelligence
  • Visionary Leadership – Building Leadership Resilience
  • Certificate in Visionary Leadership

UKZN Courses 2024-2025

Importance Of UKZN Distance Learning Degrees

  • Online learning is easier (students don’t have to read all material or make notes because everything is provided). The workload for any course is actually very similar regardless of how it’s delivered (contact classes, online learning, correspondence courses). In fact, there is more reading in online courses because you have to read your lecturer’s instructions instead of listening to them in class and also make notes
  • Online learning is self-paced (students can race through course content and submit assignments whenever they feel like it) Regardless of how quickly you work or what you think you may be able to accomplish at your own speed, most online courses are NOT self-paced. The most successful students will concentrate on their work at the pace that their lecturer sets,
  • Online learning doesn’t require participation (students are anonymous and can ‘fly under the radar’) Even though you and your lecturer cannot see each other, they can access reports on the quantity and quality of your course participation, which will be a key component of your online learning.

How Do I Submit My UKZN Application online

Use the Central Applications Portal to submit an application. For more information, please contact +27 (0)31 268 4444 or visit International students are required to pay the full fee before registering.

UKZN Distance Learning Contact Details

General Enquiries
Howard College Campus: +27 31 260 2151/2
Pietermaritzburg Campus: +27 33 260 6207/5014
Westville Campus: +27 31 260 2216
or Call +27 31 260 8596 and follow the voice prompts

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