What Is The First Payment In UFS?

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What Is The First Payment In UFS?

What Is The First Payment In UFS? Registration fee at Ufs

After being accepted into a program at UFS, a student will get a fee quotation indicating the costs for the coming academic year. The first payment and any additional payments that might be necessary are described in the fee quotation. Depending on the program and cost structure, the initial payment at UFS may change.

Normally, it will contain the registration fee, which is a non-refundable fee due at the beginning of each academic year, as well as possibly a percentage of the tuition and additional expenses like those for housing or other student services. For details on the precise payment criteria and due dates, students should review their price quotations.
It’s also crucial to remember that missing the deadline for making the required fees may result in extra penalties, including the revocation of registration. Registration fee at Ufs

UFS payment dates


1: Student studying by means of financial aid, eg. Via NSFAS, Bursaries, Loans, etc(SA students only) Registration fee at Ufs

  • Please visit www.ufs.ac.za and click on the following links for further information regarding financial assistance: Financial Assistance for Students Once all of the following requirements have been satisfied, students receiving financial aid from recognized and respectable funders are excluded from making the initial payment.
  • The historical debt for the prior year has been settled.
  • The funder must formally certify the funding. Five (5) working days before registration, Student Finance must receive documentation of confirmed financing. Please email tuitionfees@ufs.ac.za with the confirmation letter.
  • The number of funds granted must equal the whole annual cost of the study. The following is not included:
  • Foreign students receiving financial aid for their studies are NOT EXEMPT from making the initial payment as specified in paragraph 2. (SELF-PAYING STUDENTS).
  • Five (5) working days prior to registration, students who applied for or appealed for financing but have not yet received confirmation of funding must make the first payment as described in paragraph 2 (SELF-PAYING STUDENTS). After financing is confirmed, payments will be reimbursed.
  • Economically deprived students who receive financial aid (such as an NSAFA, a bursary, or a loan) must make the first payment as described for self-paying students in paragraph 2 five (5) working days before registration.

UFS payment dates

2: Self-Paying and Partially funded students(SA and International students)

  • Five (5) working days before registration, the initial payment is required. Before this payment appears on the student’s tuition fees account, registration can begin.
  • It is necessary to settle historical debt from the previous year.
  • If the annual fee is less than the initial payment demanded, the annual fee must be paid in full.

UFS payment dates

Amounts payable as first payments prior to registration

All qualifications on all campuses unless indicated separately in this table
Residence students R15 770 R27 770 R53 570
Non-residence students R8 360 R16 640 R34 080
ACE and ACT South Campus
Residence students R14 130 R23 350 R35 900
Non-residence students R6 720 R12 220 R16 410
Online ACT Session Course R3 220 R3 690 R6 910
Business School R9 940 R18 540 R37 030
School for Financial Planning Law R8 320 R13 320 R17 950
Students with UFS study benefits:
No historic debt
Employees: Residence R7 410 R11 130 R19 490
Employees: Non-residence R0 R0 R0
Employee dependents: Residence R9 260 R12 980 R21 340
Employee dependents: Non-residence R1 850 R1 850 R1 850

Note: Should a student qualify for an academic merit award, it may be used, partially or fully, to cover the first payment.

UFS payment dates

Bank: ABSA
Name of Account: University of the Free State Tuition Fees
Branch Code: 630734
Account number: 1 570 151 688
SWIFT Code for international transfers: ABSAZAJJ
Reference number for first payments: 100 directly followed by the student number

First payments for registration, amounts
indicated above
Payable five (5) working
days prior to registration
SA and International
First semester fees are payable on or before 31 March 2023 SA and International
Second-semester fees are payable on or before 30 June 2023 International Students
Second-semester fees are payable on or before 31 August 2023 SA Students